aLifveForms (fed and cared for by JP Raether)
Protektorama toxica ( for Transformella malor ikeae ( SPAWN
Performance, Friday, 8 December 2023, 18:00 (duration SPAWN: 2h)
Meeting place will be announced after registration at

aLifveForms (fed and cared for by JP Raether)
Transformella malor ikeae ( Spandau Ikeality BLOOM
Transformella malor ikeae ( for Protektorama toxica ( HARVEST
Performances, Saturday, 13 January 2024, from 14:00 (duration BLOOM: 3-4h / HARVEST: 1h)
Meeting place will be announced after registration at

Decentralizing Autonomous Subjectivity – models rising – trading traits 

While we-as-humans, more specifically industrialized humans, narrate our own line of life in linear symbolic order, from a beginning to an end, from young to old and from alive to dead, some artificial entities – named aLifveForms – move along assembled and constructed, other-than-human and algorithmic lines of life. Hence they do not follow a linear line and do not appear on a common spatial plane but in another order of time and space which they call psycho-reality. These lines are disrupted, instable and fragmented since they are driven by decay, lean towards loss and tend towards the entropic. While these self-identifications of aLifveForms might be language driven and therefore seemingly rhetoric and speculative, even provocative to a mechanist mindset, they materially operate as an opening of fixed modernist and dualist categories of the human. Language as their psycho real vocalisation renders their body-mind-consciousness relations porous: they become experimental bodifications, conscious but possessed by Computational devices, following algorithmical scores and tracing the scores of corporate rituals. They haunt inhuman corporate sites, spawn in devalued infrastructures, float within the debris and jetsam of fragments that are scattered across reality by contemporary human civilization. Hence, these entities are not artificial intelligences, they are ridiculously assembled trickery.

For v01ces aLifveForms Transformella ikeae and Protektorama toxica focus on narrating and exhibiting their own porousness. they host three gatherings of like minded people, – a coming tribe and an involuntary community – they connect strangers to one another in a modality that aLifveForms call communeering. They propose a process of forming a collective body that is real, yet still missing parts and fragments of their intended materiality.

The three parts in this sequence are called SPAWN, BLOOM and HARVEST and are gatherings in which they will begin the process of fragmenting their para-human nature towards a decentralized and autonomous subjectivity.
In SPAWN they will be trading human traits, voices and gazes, and faces.
In BLOOM they return the harvested data in voices, whispered into the ears of the tribe at Ikea in Spandau and in HARVEST they solidify the moment and it’s fruits by dispensing tokens, pixels and data back to the Coming Tribe. (JPR)