Current exhibition

approaching world

12 Apr – 15 Jun 2024

20 years


Kati Gausmann, Birgit Cauer; Foto: Karen Stuke

Birgit Cauer, Kati Gausmann, Muriel Valat-B; Foto: Karen Stuke

Birgit Cauer; Foto: Karen Stuke

Muriel Valat-B, Birgit Cauer; Foto: Janine Pauleck

Muriel Valat-B; Foto: Janine Pauleck

Muriel Valat-B, Birgit Cauer, Nathalia Favaro, Kati Gausmann; Foto: Karen Stuke

Videostill: Nathalia Favaro

Juliane Laitzsch, Muriel Valat-B, Nathalia Favaro; Foto: Karen Stuke

Juliane Laitzsch; Foto: Karen Stuke

Kati Gausmann, Muriel Valat-B, Juliane Laitzsch; Foto: Janine Pauleck


Fri 12 Apr, 7 pm

Welcome and Intro: Veronika Witte and Kati Gausmann

The exhibition approaching world presents artistic strategies that explore the world using methods of field research and long-term observation, deceleration and repetition in an endeavour to understand it. It is based on sociologist Hartmut Rosa’s ideas of understanding the world as unavailable and recognising the time structures of modernity as central to alienation and a lack of resonance experiences. Presence, relation, cycle and rhythm are set against the increasing speed, and viewers are encouraged to include the body as the basis of experience. In this way, time as a natural phenomenon and as a cultural practice is set at the centre of attention.

Kati Gausmann and Birgit Cauer work with time condensed in rocks and deep geological processes. While Cauer initiates processes that delve deep into the mineral structures of the stone, Gausmann travels to remote, rough places for her fieldworks and explores traces of tectonic movements and planetary cycles of the earth by means of drawing and performance.

In her long-term projects, Juliane Laitzsch uses drawing as a medium of approach and deceleration. As a researcher of ornament, space and time, she attempts to slow down processes of seeing and thinking in such a way that they themselves become perceptible.

With her textile objects made of layers, folds and embroidery, Muriel Valat-B provokes moments of remembrance and, like Nathalia Favaro in her videos, draws attention to the ephemeral nature of form and image as well as the cycle of passing and becoming.

The exhibition is part of the 20th anniversary of the Kunst­verein Tiergarten, which is dedicated to the phenomena of time and temporality.

curated by Kati Gausmann and Veronika Witte