Current exhibition

Moved, or What My Bones Know

1 Sep – 28 Oct 2023

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Moved, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, 2023


Fri 1 September, 7 pm

6:30 pm: Performance: Arootin Mirzakhani
7 pm: Welcome: Veronika Witte
Introduction: Lusin Reinsch

The exhibition presents four artists who – starting from their own family history – investigate the aftermath of generational traumas of displacement and suppression. In video, sculpture, and installation, they shed light on experiences of marginalized communities as well as forms of survival, memory, and resistance:

Chan Sook Choi’s extensive field research spans from the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea to northern Chile. She questions the role of ownership in capitalism by means of land and body and reflects on mechanisms that seem to repeat themselves in the digital realm.

In her interdisciplinary practice, Silvina Der Meguerditchian approaches questions of memory, heritage, and identity from an Armenian diasporic perspective. She explores the spaces between language and semantics while transforming them into multi-layered visual bodies.

The Van region in eastern Turkey serves as the backdrop for the works of Pınar Öğrenci, where she dedicates herself to the life realities of the Kurdish population and other displaced ethnic groups in Turkey. Through atmospheric and subtle images she addresses violence, displacement, and the disappearance of people, along with chess as a strategy for survival.

In resistant gestures, Selma Selman explores facets of her identity and possibilities of self-empowerment. From loud actions in public space to an intimate conversation in the family home, she critically examines her own Romani community as well as societal patriarchal structures.

The artistic positions of the exhibition do not dwell on the personal, the documentary, or the correction of narratives, but open up new spaces for exploring potentials for change.

Curated by Lusin Reinsch


The exhibition borrows its subtitle from author Stephanie Foo, whose book ‘What My Bones Know’ is dedicated to the healing process of complex trauma – the influence of the past on the present and the mind on the body.