Silke Schwartz, Künstler*innengespräch, Ortstermin 2018

Silke Schwartz, Artist Talk, Ortstermin 2018

Regular guided tours on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm

In addition to the comprehensive exhibition programme, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten is also a lively place for art education with a multifaceted and free education programme. In order to open up and deepen the exhibitions in the Galerie Nord, but also to further reflect on the themes and questions of the exhibitions, the Kunstverein’s educational programmes offer expert access and in-depth background information to all social groups. Depending on the exhibition, these events are organised by experts from the fields of culture and science as well as from other or related professional fields. In addition to classic guided tours, which provide insights into artistic concepts, the focus is on dialogue-based tours, i.e. tours in conversation with artists. Visitors can engage in direct dialogue with the artists.
All of the programmes aim to make it possible to experience artistic practice as an instrument of knowledge transfer, research and cultural tolerance. They attract people from Moabit as well as interested parties from other parts of Berlin or international guests.

We are also happy to organise exhibition-related, themed guided tours and tours for groups by prior arrangement. For these specific offers, we ask for a voluntary donation to support the expansion of the educational programme.

Please send an email to or simply give us a call.

Cultural education

Pupils’ workshop: Mein Raum ist nicht dein Raum

You can find cultural education programmes on our website
The cultural education programme is an important part of Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten’s educational practice. This programme is primarily aimed at schoolchildren in the Moabit district. In order to transform access to contemporary art into a lively and interesting process of dialogue and to convey cultural and aesthetic values, the Kunstverein develops experimental and exemplary formats whose mediation practice is oriented towards the living environments and interests of young people and children. With the help of third-party funding and other support, an educational programme is designed in collaboration with the artist Karen Scheper and the partner schools in the context of the main themes of the exhibition programme.
For the conception and realisation of the workshops and events accompanying the exhibition, the Kunstverein works specifically with professional artists, the Kulturagenten für Kreative Schulen Berlin and the Hansa primary school, partner schools such as the Heinrich-von-Stephan-Gemeinschaftsschule, the Kurt Tucholsky Grundschule and the Gymnasium Tiergarten and other partners. The results of cultural education are presented in the Galerie Nord as a cabinet exhibition, video screening, as an action in public space or in other formats.
On request, special programmes can also be developed and implemented for other interested schools or extracurricular institutions based on the content of the Galerie Nord exhibition.
The contact person for cultural education is currently the artist Karen Scheper.

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