Artists: Ricoh Gerbl, Valentin Hertweck, Rafael Ibarra, Sophie Innmann, Irene Paetzug, Pfelder, Simone Zaugg


Fri 28 June, 7 pm

Welcome: Veronika Witte
Introduction: Simone Zaugg und Pfelder
Performances by Rafael Ibarra and Sophie Innmann

The field of tension of the phenomenon of time unfolds between the urgency of the Now and the simultaneous knowledge of the ongoing cycle of repetition. The exhibition every now and again (meaning in German: “Jedes Jetzt und nochmal”) confronts these circular movements with punctual events. Time stands still or expands and thereby becomes graspable in multifaceted ways in the displayed artistic contributions.

Sophie Innmann tackles the question in her long-term performances about how we use our time and which value time holds for us. Rafael Ibarra’s performative sculpture, instead, allows us to observe how movement comes to a halt. Simone Zaugg’s context-related interventions further explore the time that is stored in the rooms of the Kunstverein as a former school and library. Through an intense 5-hour performance, Zaugg addresses questions on the end of our lifetime. Pätzug/Hertweck create mechanically animated installations, that open up physical spaces of experience, mutate in randomly generated time portals or invite you to pause. In addition, Pfelder leads us over his enchanting pier to the river of time at Turmstraße and thus invites us to contemplate “wasting time”. Through his Road Movie he sends us on a psychedelic journey through the endless night. Ricoh Gerbl charges her wall-filling ink blobs with sentences which she extracts of the deep blue with her ink eraser. The apparent mistake of the blot thus becomes the signifier of poetic messages.

The artists critically, constructively, playfully as well as deeply observe and reflect upon our time and the time(s). The exhibition forms part of the 20-year Jubilee of the Kunstverein Tiergarten, which is dedicated to the phenomena of time and temporality.

Curated by Simone Zaugg and Pfelder