With the anniversary program series RE:VISION, the Kunstverein Tiergarten is celebrating 20 years of successful collaboration with international artists from a vast variety of disciplines.

All of the almost 1200 artists who have exhibited at Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten over the past 20 years are invited to present one of their works in a limited and non-commercial publication. The entire edition of the book will become a room-book installation in Galerie Nord, which will be curated by the audience throughout the entire duration of the exhibition by (re)turning the pages. In addition, all artists represented are invited to exchange a book in the exhibition for an original artistic work. Traditional curatorial hierarchies will be broken up, as will conventional processes: a completely new exhibition will gradually emerge, culminating in an anniversary celebration at the end of the exhibition.

More information about the exhibition will follow soon!

The project is funded by the Fund for Presentations of Contemporary Visual Arts of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion Berlin.


Due to the large number of artists involved, there may be delays with individual queries. To speed up the process, please check if your question is answered here first!


1. What are the requirements for the image files?
– Coloured or black and white
– Format: DIN A4, long side of the picture 30cm
– File size: Original size of the image file (not compressed)
– Resolution: 300dpi
– Possible file formats: psd, tiff, jpeg, eps
– File name as follows:
○ for individuals: Last name_first name_year of creation_up (or “_landscape” for landscape format)
○ for groups: Artist group_year of creation_up (or “_landscape” for landscape format)

2. What other information is requested in the online form?
– We ask for your name, the title and year of creation of the work depicted, the name of the photographer and information on the representation of the reproduction rights (this also applies to the photographer!): We ask you to provide an exemption!

3. What kind of images do we need, what should be shown in the images?
– We will need two images of a single work: one in portrait format and one in landscape format.
– You can chose between submitting an image of a complete work or a detail from that work. If you would like to submit an installation view, then it should be the installation view from your exhibition at Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten. In case of installation views from other spaces, the gallery space should not be recognisable.
– The images could show the work you showed at the Kunstverein, but it can also be another work.
– Because the rights of others cannot be infringed upon, the submissions cannot include images of artistic works by others, nor of recognisable people.

4. May I also submit more than 2 image files?
– No.

5. Can any individual artist from a group of artists submit an image?
– No. If you have exhibited as a group, you can only submit one image.

6. Can black and white images be submitted?
– Yes.

7. Should portrait and landscape format show the same work?
– Yes.

8. Does the image have to show the same work that I originally exhibited?
– No. It can also be a different one.

9. I am a gallery owner of artist xy or represent the estate of artist xy. May I also submit images?
– Yes, with pleasure! We assume that you have the appropriate rights.

10. Can I submit images after the deadline?
– No.

11. I have been invited by you, but an artist who has also exhibited at Galerie Nord has not received an invitation. May I forward your email to this person?
– Yes, absolutely, thank you very much!


12. Where will my image be printed?
– One of your submitted images will be printed in the anniversary publication of the Kunstverein Tiergarten e.V.
– Each copy of the limited edition will be exhibited at Galerie Nord in September/October 2024.

13. How many images will be printed per artist?
– One image file will be printed, either in portrait or landscape format.

14. Who decides whether portrait or landscape formats are reproduced and according to what criteria?
– The selection is made by the curators in co-operation with the graphics team and follows formal criteria.

15. How are my reproduction rights handled?
– We regard the submission of your images as consent for the complete and unaltered reproduction of the image in our anniversary publication.
– We assume that you have the appropriate rights.
– No rights of others may be infringed, for example by visible artworks of others in the picture.

16. Will the book be sent to me digitally to check my image and data before printing?
– No, we don’t provide further print approval for each artist.
– We regard the submission of your images as consent for the complete and unaltered reproduction in our anniversary publication.

17. When can I collect my book?
– During the exhibition you can pick up your copy of the book in exchange for an original artwork.

18. I can’t come to the exhibition or participate in person, but I would like to have a book, can you send me the book?
– No, but it is possible to pick up a copy after the exhibition.

19. Are additional copies available?
– No.

20. Can I buy a book?
– No. The publication will not be distributed commercially and will not be sold. The complete edition is limited. Only one copy is available to each represented artist.


21. When can I bring my art piece?
– During the duration of the exhibition or during the opening hours of the gallery.

22. What kind of works can I submit?
– Basically, all genres are possible, however, restrictions apply as follows.
– The size of the physical works is limited to the format of the open book (exact dimensions will follow!)
– Staff and tools will be available on site to install the works.
– For works that require technical equipment, please contact us in advance. Our technical equipment is limited and we cannot guarantee to provide monitors or similar in a suitable size or sufficient quantity.
– Further information will follow.

23. Do I have to register before submitting a work for the exhibition?
– No. Only if you need technical support.

24. Can I send my artwork to the gallery?
– Yes, we will be accepting original works from the beginning of September. However, we cannot pay for shipping and return postage.

25. Is my artwork insured?
– We are currently in dialogue with our insurance company and will get back to you as soon as we can provide reliable information.

26. Will I receive a fee for participating?
– No, unfortunately we cannot pay any fees for participation in the exhibition.

27. When can I collect my artwork?
– At the end of October, after the exhibition has been dismantled, you can collect your original work within one week.