20 Aug – 9 Oct 2021



20 Aug – 9 Oct 2021


This Is Not Funny

23 June – 7 Aug 2021



Konrad Mühe

Oskar Klinkhammer

Svetlana Ivanova


Fri 20 Aug 2021, 7 pm

Welcome: Veronika Witte
Introduction: Clara Bausch and Sara Lehn

The exhibition proposes a spectrum of artists’ work on current world affairs and their representation by the press. With a handbook and a radio program the project extends the exhibition space and connects different paths of artistic action.

Global correlations behind social, political and natural events seem to be getting uncovered down to the most local of details and can still be examined from the most remote corner of the world. As players and witnesses of this time, we’re all meshed in the web of the supramedia. The debate over objectivity is long since obsolete, everyone is affected. The documentary dilemma ‘Who is speaking for whom?’, in which every image-producer finds her:himself, is shifting. ‘How do I speak for myself ?’ and ‘How can we speak together?’

The presented works expose stories of continuous exchange, cooperatively developed strategies and superimpositions of real life and artistic practice. From sketches to painting, sculpture, radio play and projection – visitors are invited to an all-media exhibition.

<doku.ARGU.Experi.PIg.> is a word creation, finding its final syllable in the .Ment, the gazebo in the courtyard of Turmstraße 75. From here it is sent to the street via speakers and broadcasted on Cashmere Radio.

Curated by Clara Bausch and Sara Lehn