Scheitere an einem anderen Tag

14 Jan – 26 Feb 2022


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Scheitere an einem anderen Tag

14 Jan – 26 Feb 2022



Fri 14 Jan, 7 pm

Welcome and Introduction:
Bruno Kuhlmann and Veronika Witte

The title of the exhibition initiated by the artist Bruno Kuhlmann, ‘Scheitere an einem anderen Tag’ (Fail Another Day), is a laconic invitation to postpone the implementation of goals and the execution of tasks and the possible setbacks and successes that accompany them. It refers to the roles of the winner and the loser, the super spy who always succeeds in everything in every film. Success and failure presuppose standards and goals against which progress and improvement are to be measured.

The project explores the question of how failure is reflected in artistic practice and form. Exemplary historical positions will be shown that still today are apt to throw a critical light on social events and developments. In addition, current artistic positions are presented that deal with the failure of artistic activity and the artists visualise it in their practice. In some cases, the failure is expressed with subtle humour, or as an unambiguous gesture;
it shows itself in the resistance of the material, in absurd actions or in pointing out humanitarian crisis. Hand-drawn lines of graph paper begin to stumble, and the rules of metric measurement are no more reliable than the permanence of democratic values.

The exhibition refers to the political, social and ecological commitment in the art of the last decades. The contributions stand for themselves, are contemporary witnesses – partly counteracted by history – and also seek answers to the highly relevant question of why there are so few solutions to pressing social problems.

Exhibition concept: Bruno Kuhlmann, Tom Früchtl and Veronika Witte

Wassereimer halten es in der Luft, Matthias Reichelt, Junge Welt 21. 01. 22
Die Fassbarkeit der Welt, Katrin Bettina Müller, taz 27. 01. 22