Open Call for participation in the art festival
ORTSTERMIN 22 “lieber laut” (26.–28.8.2022)
Extended Deadline: May 31, 2022

This year’s festival theme “lieber laut” invites artists across all disciplines for becoming loud(er) (again), for being present and enriching Moabit once more with festival works. A sound is both noise information and the smallest acoustic unit in language – it is a sensory perception, an auditory and physical phenomenon, and a metaphoric description.
Art, music, and protest culture get loud to express rebellion: people raise their voices, they shout, complain, warn, and argue resoundingly to break through resistance and make themselves heard. On the other hand, what happens to all the sounds, the shouts, the singing that fade away unheard and without echo? Can you preserve an outcry? How loud or how quiet does art have to be to resonate?

We are looking forward to your contributions in the shape of exhibitions, open studios, and events or any other artistic format.
More information about the festival and the open call:

The application form can be downloaded here.