Current exhibition

v01ces – The Human Voice in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

10 Nov 2023 – 13 Jan 2024
The feminist philosopher Rosi Braidotti describes the voice as ‘a unique audio footprint of the human soul.’ However, nowadays many voices that sound human, such as those of voice assistants, are artificially generated. Current deepfake voices or ‘voice clones’ go one step further by making voices say things they never said: ‘You have a missed[...]



16 Mar – 28 Apr 2018
The forest is a habitat, an economically and militarily used area, but at the same time also a multiple projection surface for cultural, historical, mythical and political narratives. Without losing sight of all this, the Berlin artists Nanne Meyer, Beate Spalthoff, Andrea Zaumseil and Francis Zeischegg have walked through a concrete forest area and based[...]