Current exhibition

approaching world

12 Apr – 15 Jun 2024
The exhibition approaching world presents artistic strategies that explore the world using methods of field research and long-term observation, deceleration and repetition in an endeavour to understand it. It is based on sociologist Hartmut Rosa’s ideas of understanding the world as unavailable and recognising the time structures of modernity as central to alienation and a[...]


Zwischen Licht und Materie – vom Erscheinen und Verschwinden

26 Jan – 30 Mar 2024
Six artists explore the artistic representation, measurement, recording and reflection of time. They investigate its shapes and its residues, its possible expansion and compression between moment and duration. How does time become visible – as a process, in the material or in the image? Time and light allow images to emerge and fade as if[...]


Stadt als Ornament

4 July – 11 Aug 2018
The exhibition “City as Ornament” brings together nine positions of contemporary art with a broad media spectrum that explore the city as a phenomenon of social interaction. They negotiate the specific patterns and interconnections of historical, cultural, political and social events and discourses in urban space. Special attention is paid to the possibilities of individual[...]